Fitness Equipment Repair: Examining The Bremshey Treadline Ambition Treadmill

Published: 07th March 2011
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Without a doubt, you can't use many shortcuts when you are trying to get your body into shape. Miracle pills, high-tech gadgets, and expensive programs just don't do the trick. If you want to get healthier and feel better, you'll have to buckle down, eat healthier, and exercise. One good method of receiving an excellent cardiovascular work out is via a treadmill, and with appropriate maintenance from a fitness equipment repair specialist, your investment will endure for years to come. Let me give you some particulars about a treadmill we are extremely fond of-the Bremshey Treadline Ambition treadmill.

Overall Ranking: 5.0 of a possible 5.0 stars

Key Features:

Quick start keys enable you to adapt the elevation and speed easily and swiftly
Console that's big and easy to read
Fastest speed of 16 kph (10 mph)

Price: available on the web market for around 799

Product Report:

The Bremshey Treadline Ambition treadmill has enough outstanding features to make it a handy product, but, even so, it isn't overly expensive. It is designed with six preset programs as well as a quick start guide to start you on your way without delay. It also has an easy-to-read graphical LCD and quick start keys that make changing the speed and incline hassle-free. The console lets you track important things like speed incline, heart rate, and so on. It offers plenty of running space, which is definitely good since it has a top speed of 16 kph (10 mph) - quite a workout for even seasoned runners. And with extras such as a compatible Polar chest belt, it will make you think twice about how the makers of this fitness equipment proceeded to add in so many different highlights for such a low selling price.

Product Features:

The shock absorption components as well as the handle grips added into this treadmill will help the user to avoid overexertion.
LCD display screen has the typical readout: calories burned, speed, pulse, incline, time spent exercising, and distance
Folds for quick, compacted storing implementing hydraulic assistance

Product Specifications:

Speed Range - 0.8 - 16 km/h, 0.5 - 10 mph
Level of Incline - 0 to 10% Speed adjustment - 0.1 mph steps
Running Space: 51 x 142 cm / 20 x 56 inches 2-ply belt
Motor - 2.75 hp continuous
Maximum User Weight: 150 kg / 330 lbs / 23 st 8 lbs
Dimensions (unfolded): L194 x W85 x H135 cm
Dimensions (folded): (L)78 x (W)85 x (H)186 cm
Treadmill Weight: 101kg
Power supply - mains current

Warranty Info: Two years manufacturer warranty on labour and parts

Final Thoughts:

The Bremshey Treadline Ambition treadmill is a superior piece of merchandise for a reasonable price--there's no simpler way to put it. It provides a robust workout, and with the aid of a fitness equipment repair authority, it can be kept in good operating condition. We know for sure, you won't see anything on this piece of equipment to grumble about. When searching for the top treadmill for your routine, you should definitely give this one a second look. Highly suggested!

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